[VIDEO] Improve Your Dancesport Practice Sessions – The Frustration Cycle


Hey, João Capela here, your mental coach for Dancesport.
Today I want to talk about your practice sessions and small tips that you can use to improve your practice sessions and also talk to you about the frustration cycle.


When you are practicing (your dancesport routine), whenever you do a figure and repeat it again but does not work very well… so you repeat it again… and does not work very well… so you get frustrated, you get angry with yourself and with your with your partner, and you get in a negative mood.
What do you do after? You repeat the figure. You try to do it again “I can do it”, again it does not work and again you get even more frustrated, more negative, right? And then you repeat it… more negative, more frustrated… and you repeat it… more negative… and then the bomb EXPLODE!
Right? This happens to everybody, and I am sure this has already happened to you.


So you are in a negative, frustration cycle that is going to put you down, down, and more down. And this does not work. This is not the right way. I am sure you know it but you want to try the figure again and you want to practice it again.


Why should you not do (repeat) this thing? Because when you are in a frustration mode and you repeat (the dance figure) and you repeat and repeat you are TEACHING YOURSELF, you are teaching your own body that this is the right way to do the step. The wrong way (the bad way) is the way that you are teaching your body and your brain. You are really teaching yourself.


If you are getting frustrated and negative YOU SHOULD STOP your practice session:

Stop your dancesport practice if you are feeling negative and frustrated

The first thing that you should do is STOP. If you are getting frustrated and negative you should stop. This is my first tip. What should you do? First stop. Have a time out, go talk with your friends, with your partner, do a different dance… Do something different that can put you again in a positive, relaxed mood. It is very important (to improve your dancesport performance) to be in a positive and relaxed mode,  and to be in the present. Try not to work in a negative, frustrated way.


Of course it is important to repeat the steps. The point here is to try not to function in that negative way, feeling bad and frustrated.


What is the other part that I wanted to talk you about.
When you are practicing, for example, you just learned a new figure yesterday with your teacher and you are doing it and it goes well. WONDERFUL! What do you usually do?… You move forward, right? You go to the next figure. “That one was ok, let’s move forward”…
And again, this is not the right thing to do…

If you are feeling positive then KEEP DOING IT & REPEAT IT.

Improve your Dancesport Results - Repeat when you are positive

When you are negative and doing the bad things (practicing), you cannot repeat it because you will teach yourself that way (the wrong way). When you are in a positive mindset and you do the figures well then you should repeat because of the same reason. You want to teach your body and teach your brain how to do it right.
If you do a figure (in your dancesport routine) the correct way and you are feeling good, repeat it again and again. Teach yourself (your body and mind) the right way.
In addition remember the feelings that you are feeling so you can recall them later when you will be doing something wrong and you are not feeling well. In this situations you can recall those (positive) feelings and switch to a positive mode.


To finish, when you are in a negative, frustration mode, STOP IT, move forward, do something different, and when you are in a good positive way, STAY THERE. But usually we do the opposite, right?


Those were my tips. I hope you enjoyed it.


AND YOU? What do you usually do when you get frustrated when you are practicing?

Leave your comment, I want to hear from you.


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