- Speaking - Joao's Lectures on Mental Training for DanceSport

Lectures on Mental Training for DanceSport

Joao Capela is one of the best known Speakers on “Performance and Mental Training for DanceSport” in the World. He combines heartfelt inspiration, laugh-out-loud humor, and practical strategies to drive change.

Joao had is teacher telling him that he would have no success in the DanceSport world field. He decided then to listen to his heart and move forward. Joao KNOWS what it means to be a DanceSport dancer in trouble inside and outside the dance floor.

Thanks to mental skills Joao was able to triumph over the hardship and become an international latin dancer and Teacher, Performance and Mental Coach and Speaker. He now encourages every dancer to overcome their mental limitations and live dance and life to the fullest.

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Who Can Benefict from Joao’s Lectures:

  • Dance Studios – Do you want to provide a better and deeper training to your dancers? This is for you.

  • DanceSport Training Camps – Surprise your couples with this unique “lecture”, providing a message that will be loved and appreciated by all dancers. For sure they will want to come back on the year after to your training camp.

  • Formation Teams – Nothing beats the mental training and motivation that your team will gain after Joao Capela’s presentation.

  • DanceSport Competitions – Are you organizing a competition with lectures and dance lessons? Bring Joao and provide a new mental and performance information to your attendees.

  • National DanceSport Federations Seminars and Training Camps – provide your dance teachers the best tools to improve their students level. Joao loves to speak to dance teachers and pass them the same mental training tools that he use with his dancers.

Have Joao in Your Dance Studio or Training Camp

with one of this Presentations:

“Mind Power: How to Improve Performance in DanceSport”

Joao speaks in a way that’s entertaining and grabs the attention of everyone. It’s NOT a lecture. It’s a practical message delivered with heart and humor.


  • Fundamentals of Success in DanceSport
  • What is Mental Training
  • Overcoming Frustration
  • Creating your FIELD of Action
  • Quick Trigger for Mental Preparation

Contact Joao today to start creating your custom peak performance training program customizing the greatest Peak Performance experience your Dance Club, Training Camp or Formation Team has ever had.

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“Ultimate Guide for Teachers: How to Create Winners”

DanceSport teachers, this is for you! Learn the simple steps on how to understand your dancer / couple and how to help him/her bring his/her best to the dance floor. This program is part inspirational “keep at it” and part practical seminar “here’s exactly what to do.”

Great opportunity for National DanceSport Federations Meetings and Training Camps. Provide your Dance Teacher the Best Tools!


Contact Joao today to start creating your custom DanceSport Teachers Training.

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Book Joao Capela for your next DanceSport Event.

Joao Capela lives and breathes mental training, communication and engagement. He delivers inspiring life lessons in a fun, unique kind of way that is powerful, practical and memorable.

If you want to know more about Joao’s Lectures, scheduling, prices and much more, just click on the right and send us an e-mail. Joao will personally reply to all your inquiries.

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