Performance & Mental Coaching for Dancesport - 1 on 1

Performance & Mental Coaching for Dancesport

Whether you are a Latin or Ballroom DanceSport dancer who wants to take performance to the next level with a straightforward approach, you have to try the one-on-one coaching with Joao Capela.
Whether you are looking for a customized year-long mental conditioning program that you can implement with your partner, or a “do it yourself” program you can give your dancers to do on their own, Joao’s programs will develop more confidence, mental toughness and team chemistry.
Now you can train your mental dance with the same mental conditioning system utilized by World Champions and Olimpic Athletes.

What can Joao Capela do to help me and my partner reach our maximum potential at DanceSport?

  • Joao Capela teaches you and your partner the mental strategies needed to outplay and outperform even the toughest competition…
  • Trains you to compete in the moment, focused on each individual competition to destroy all those mental blocks that kill performance…
  • Builds up your and your partner confidence so you can shatter the beliefs about what can and can’t be done.
  • Gives you the tools needed to accomplish things only dreamed of!

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Joao Capela lives and breathes mental training, communication and engagement. He delivers inspiring life lessons in a fun, unique kind of way that is powerful, practical and memorable.