Visualization Techniques for Latin and Ballroom Dancers.

Visualization for Latin and Ballroom Dancers

One of the most important techniques of any mental prepared dancer and athlete is the Visualization. If you can see in your mind, you can perform with your body. Visualization is a very power tool that can make the difference between win and loose, between achieving your dreams and goals and not.

“Visualize this thing that you want, see it, feel it, believe in it. Make your mental blue print, and begin to build.” – Robert Collier

Visualization for Latin and Ballroom Dancers

More then just see it you must also feel it and believe in it. Put your feelings while you are visualizing your next competition and everything will work much better. Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Pele and many other great athletes used visualization to improve their performance.

Here are a simple guide for you to construct your visualization for a competition or major dancesport event.

Adapt to your dreams and needs and then rewrite it. If you want, you can read it and record it. Then relax and just listen to your visualization. If possible try to do this at least once a day on a calm moment. One of the best times is when you wake up or when you go to sleep. However if the visualization puts you in a high mood, don’t do it before go to bed.

A great book about visualization is The Mental Athlete” by Kay Porter. Here is a visualization that I use with my latin and ballroom dancers and it was inspired in Dr. Kay’s work.


Imagine yourself and your partner as you arrive at the dance hall… see people dancing and warming up… feel the air, the environment… hear the sounds of people talking… listen to the music playing… enjoy anticipating the competition… experience the feelings in your stomach and in your body… you are a little nervous, but very ready… remembering that these are common feelings before you dance a competition and that they motivate you…

You and your partner start dressing up and putting the make up. You are calm and focus… You dress the same way that you always did… following the same steps… you feel beautiful / handsome and ready to start dancing.

You and your partner go to the dance floor to warm up and practice… feel the floor… see the audience… feel the lights on your face… look at your dance partner and smile. You and your partner start dancing together while you feel calm and ready… remembering some of your affirmations as you are warming up… “I am quick and in balance all the time… I am a positive person… I love to dance and share this passion with others… I am so blessed to be here in the middle of this great dancers… I can’t wait to dance and perform with my beautiful partner… I believe in myself and in my partner… I perform each dance in the moment and I am very focused as I dance… I enjoy to dance… I am confident, relaxed and in shape…”

Experience yourself and the energy as you now ready yourself for the start of the competition… you feel good and strong… you focus your energy and power and stand poised… ready for your hit to dance.

The competition starts… you smile to your partner and walk straight and relax to your position in the dance floor. The music starts playing and your body starts moving… you are light and quick… you are focused… you and your partner are in total synchronism… you find your rhythm while you go through your routine. You feel amazing, powerful, elegant… a great performer… you are doing what you love… you feel the perfection in your body as you dance with your partner… you hear the music and it inspires you… notice yourself enjoying the dance immensely… you are glad to be there dancing… and dancing well… you feel relaxed… loose… you are breathing on a good rhythm… you feel light and connected with the dance floor and with your partner… you easily avoid each couple that crosses you, continuing to dance…

The first dance is over. Listen to the audience applauding… take that for you… enjoy that moment. Get ready for the next dance… in your mind there is only the next dance… the next rhythm… go to your position… breathe in… relax… you are the master of this dance floor. The music starts playing and your time has arrived… experience your body’s sensations… determination, relaxation, control, quickness… knowing that you are right on… if someone hits you on the dance floor, or blocks your… experience yourself remaining calm and centered… you focus your aggression and feeling into powerful and expert dancing… you are sure of your own competence and ability to overcome any negative energy… you have a high level of confidence and composure… you are mentally tough and overcome any obstacles that confront you…

You breathe deeply and continue to focus on the dance and in your partner. You do each movement with elegance, balance and control… if you miss a step, you notice what you did in error, make the necessary adjustments, and let it go… letting go easily of any negativity you might feel… always coming back to the present moment for the next point in your routine… all that exists in your focus is one step at a time… one movement at a time… you are living and dancing in the moment… moment to moment…

Experience the power and elegance you feel each time you go to the dance floor and start dancing… you are an excellent dancer and in control of your body and its strength… imagine yourself ready to dance… centered… confident… powerful… connect with every moment… the touch of your partner… the music playing… the swing of your body… you are in control of this dance and competition…

Imagine the entire competition… every moment that is important to your success and the achievement of your goals… you trust your body, your partner and your abilities… and you are having fun. Continuously experience yourself as a good and competent dancer… a dancer who wins… a dancer who gives everything and dances the best you know how…

Keep doing this visualization techniques for all your dances in each hit or final. Always enjoy each moment and the final applauses from the audience…. they exist for you and your partner… you deserve those applauses. Let the positive feelings invade you… smile and live the moment as if you were there…

You have achieve your goals… you have danced well and feel proud, complete… allow yourself to enjoy it all as you remind yourself that you have everything within you to be, do and have what you want on the dance floor.

Visualization for Latin and Ballroom Dancers 2

As I said before, adapt this visualization text to your needs, to your next competition. If possible make a paragraph for each dance that you will perform and put more feelings. For example on the Rumba, feel the love, the passion… you body is smooth and in balance. On the Jive feel the happiness on the room… you body is so quick and you feel in shape that you could dance all day and night…

Listen to your recorded visualization once per day on the week before your competition is a very effective strategy. During the day of the competition stay focus and don’t listen or do any visualization. This is the day… the present day and the moment that you will perform at your best, so stay in the moment.

Question: What about you? Do you visualize? When do you do your visualization? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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